Desire Rosé

Desire is a Bordeaux-style rosé from our Stagecoach vineyard ~ a blend, commencing with Cabernet Sauvignon and then with at least 10% of the wine composed of a second grape variety.

Long, sunbaked days at the beach; the scent of meats grilling over hot coals; and, of course, Desire rosé. It just wouldn’t feel like summer without a little Desire rosé, characterized as light and decadent with lovely roundness and an intensely inviting aroma.

Serving Temperature:    45°F- 50°F - Consume within 1 to 2 years.

We had a desire for Rosés de Bordeaux. When our new Atlas Peak vineyard blocks came into production we wanted to make a Rose of great flavor and mouthfeel.

Our Desire was rewarded with this Bordeaux Rose blend of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc juice removed from the skins after minimal contact and then naturally fermented at a low temperature allowing the true style and personality of the grapes to shine through in the wine.

Light pink in color, fresh and fruit forward this rosé exudes fresh and fruity aromas of grapefruit, red berries, and currants.

The primary flavors are red fruit, strawberry and currant combined with the acidic freshness of citrus and grapefruit so it can go with a wide variety of food.

More than just a fad, rosé wine has made a place for itself in today’s society. Because it is perfectly aligned with the evolution of lifestyle trends: less structured meals, cuisines from around the world, simple and direct gastronomy, an interest in discovering new things and a desire for conviviality above all else and for immediate enjoyment.

Rosé provides a different vision of wine, one that is more accessible, without the burden of tradition: it’s the wine of freedom.

Desire ~ a strong feeling of wanting something special - in this case a very special Rosé from a very special place.

Rosé - In French the word rose means pink. It also refers to the rose, the primary flower of romance, but when a simple accent is added it becomes Rosé one of the world's most adored wines.

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