Bliss Sparkling Shiraz

From the first pour Bliss is visually gorgeous, with beautiful pink bubbles foaming up over the dark red-black core of the wine.

Bliss is no sniffing, swirling and sipping wine - Use a Champagne flute, take a mouthful and the flavors will explode on your palate with a delicious softness, depth and complexity of fruit flavors that are impossible to duplicate in young wines - pure Bliss!

Picture this - It's a hot day, you just grilled something yummy on the BBQ and you are eating outside. All good, except now you want to drink a red wine but red wines don't do well out in the sun.

What you need is a red wine that can be chilled, so no - don't put ice cubes in your Cabernet! Try a Bliss Sparkling Shiraz - a full bodied red wine with bubbles that can take a chill and handle a grill.

Serving Temperature:    45°F- 50°F

When you visit a friend’s home in Australia the first wine out of the fridge is a sparkling red - a real red wine with great flavor and texture but also with bubbles, served chilled.

Bill wanted to create a second rendition of a sparkling red wine so Bliss Sparkling Shiraz ensures that this very Australian style wine, nurtured by generations of winemakers is never lost.

Bliss Sparkling Shiraz is made in California using the same fruit as our iconic Heritage Shiraz wine, aged in French Oak barrels for two years then spending years going through the traditional méthode champenoise process.

Bliss is ideal for any celebration, a refreshing summer wine. Try it for a wonderful taste of something festive and different. Great with curries or smoked meats and perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey. Try it with Thai, Indian or Chinese foods - prefect!

Bliss ~ a state of extreme happiness that will absolutely be induced by this wine.

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