Hot Chocolate Mexican Style

Hot Chocolate Mexican Style

A quick recipe for rich, creamy, and slightly spicy Mexican hot chocolate. One sip and you'll never go back to those packets again.


  • Herbie's Mexican Chocolate  ·  1/2 package 
  • milk  ·  2 cups 
  • Herbie's Cinnamon Quills (ground)  ·  1 1/2 teaspoon 
  • Herbie's Spice Dust  ·  sprinkle 
  • Herbie's Chili Powder Medium  ·  1/8 teaspoon 


Open the chilled Bliss Sparkling Shiraz and pour one for everyone in the kitchen watching you making the hot chocolate. - Yum!

Slowly heat all together 2 cups milk, 1 and a half teaspoons ground cinnamon quills, 4 wedges chocolate (half packet) and 1 teaspoon cornflour. Stir to to mix ingredients and prevent burning.

Add one eighth of a teaspoon of medium heat chili powder to taste.

Whisk until blended and frothy.

Sprinkle the top with Spice Dust and serve immediately.