Chili Powder Medium

Chili Powder Medium

Good rich flavor, with a pleasing bite that's not too hot. Use 2 tablespoons per quart for great chili. Add to guacamole, or make a paste by mixing chili powder with equal parts of water and lime juice, and rub on poultry, beef or pork ribs for grilling or broiling. Hand-mixed.

Use Chile Powder in any Tex-Mex dish and to flavor tacos, Mexican sauces, stews, barbecue sauces, tomatoes, and meatballs. Sprinkle onto baked fish, pot roasts, beans or cottage cheese.

This is a flavorful salt free chili powder that is perfect for those that love the nuances of the Mexican Chiles Ancho and its underrated cousin Pasilla. This is an ideal chili powder for Tex-Mex style chilis that are heavy on meat and tomatoes with no beans (beans who needs beans!).

We’re fans of these two chiles as you don’t always need to smother a dish with loads of heat. The Ancho Chile is sweet, fruity with complex flavors that dance on the taste buds with hints of tobacco, raisins and prunes. While the Pasilla Chile is a bit more pungent and tangy than the Ancho with woodsy undertones. These two chiles compliment each other quite well and are considered two of the three chiles in the holy trinity of Mexican chiles – with Mulato Chiles being the third – these three are often used together in authentic moles.

In this flavorful yet mild chili powder you’ll also notice a tiny bit of smokiness from the smoked paprika and some all around earthiness that is tied together nicely by the freshly ground cumin.There are literally hundreds of different chilies, all of which descend from the original ones discovered by the Spanish when they found the Americas.

Prior to this chilies were unknown to the rest of the world.

The warming bite and delicious capsicum taste of chili was warmly embraced by nearly every nation on earth, thus we find some form of capsicum or chili in nearly every cuisine.

Dried chilies have a very different flavor to fresh ones, as upon drying a caramelization of the sugars takes place which creates a delicious, robust taste not found in fresh chilies, in the same way a sun-dried tomato has a more complex flavor profile than a fresh one.

Other Common Names: Aji, Red Pepper. 

Botanical Names: Mild Chillies: (Capsicum annum) Hot Chillies: (Capsicum frutescens)Fruity Chillies: (Capsicum baccatum) Extra Hot Chillies: (Capsicum chinense) Hairy Leaved Chillies: (Capsicum pubescens)

Health Benefits: All Chili peppers contain capsaicin. The amount of capsaicin is relative to the heat of the Chili pepper. The more pronounced the heat, the more capsaicin. Capsaicin is considered highly anti-inflammatory and may benefit those suffering from inflammatory disorders, such as arthritis osteoarthritis, psoriasis, shingles and diabetic neuropathy. Capsaicin is also commonly considered a beneficial adjunct to a healthy lifestyle in cardiovascular function, increasing circulation, as well as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. Peppers also contain free-radical fighting properties, which may help to maintain a youthful complexion, and prevent cellular damage that can lead to disease. Chilies are also an excellent source of antioxidants Vitamins: A and C, as well as Vitamin K.

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Botanical Name(Capsicum annum), (Capsicum frutescens), (Capsicum baccatum), (Capsicum chinense), (Capsicum pubescens)