Almond Bacon Chocolate Caramels

The search is over, these caramels will take bacon lovers to paradise.


  • Corn Syrup  ·  1 pound 
  • Herbie's Jaggery  ·  2 1/2 ounce 
  • Heavy Cream  ·  2 cups 
  • 64% Chocolate  ·  12 ounces 
  • Bacon Bits  ·  4 ounces 
  • Marcona Almonds, Chopped  ·  4 ounces 
  • Sugar  ·  13 ounces 


Heavily spray a 9”x9” baking pan with nonstick spray. Lay parchment paper inside pan and spray paper as well.

In a medium size saucepot, combine corn syrup, Herbie’s Jaggery, sugar and heavy cream.

Mix together over medium-high heat using a rubber spatula. Stir occasionally to ensure the bottom doesn’t burn.

Cook to 240F, check using a thermometer.

While caramel mix is cooking, melt chocolate in a microwave using intervals of 30 seconds on power 7.

Once the caramel reaches 240F, turn off the heat. Add melted chocolate, bacon bits and chopped Marcona Almonds.

Mix quickly to incorporate caramel.

Pour mixture into sprayed 9”x9”. Spread evenly in pan and gently tap pan on countertop surface to remove air bubbles.

Allow to rest overnight on the counter, not recommended to refrigerate.

Once set, remove from pan and portion into 2” square.

Tantalize Mélange

Tantalize Mélange

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