Tandoori Spice Mix

Tandoori Spice Mix

We associate this spice blend with that beautiful, reddish Tandoori chicken dish that is so full of flavor and wonderful aromatics is often the first thing someone eats when they are first introduced to Indian food.

This particular Tandoori spice blend has a multidimensional flavor showing savory and garlic yet packs a little punch because of the ginger and chili, nicely rounded out by the spearmint notes.

Usage Ideas

Herbie's Tandoori Spice Mix is great blended with yoghurt to marinate chicken, fish and lamb prior to cooking.

This blend brings that signature color, smell, and flavor making it an excellent dry marinade for meats that are to be pan-fried, grilled, roasted or barbecued.

Wine Pairing

White Wine Pairings include: Frolic Viognier or Relish Roussanne which tend to show soft stone fruit flavors while mitigating any heat in the dish.
Red Wine Pairings include: Tango Malbec or Entice Cuvee as both will manage any food heat while delivering on the smokey characteristics of the Tandoori spice.


Paprika, Cumin Seed, Coriander Seed, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon Quills, Fenugreek Seed, Black Pepper, Chilli, Green Cardamom, Brown Cardamom, Caraway Seed, Spearmint.