Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo

Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo

Produced on the island of Sardinia off the coast of Italy, Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo is a raw sheep's milk cheese with thick veins of truffle and pairs perfectly with our Passion and Rapture Pinot Noir wines.

Moliterno sheep cheese (pecorino) is a raw milk cheese enhanced with Italian black truffles and is produced in Basilicata and Sardinia. The truffle is injected in the paste of the semi-aged cheese before it's fully aged.

Once infused in the cheese, the truffles are only visible in “veins,” but their deep flavor permeates throughout this table cheese, resulting in an unforgettable tasting experience.

During the cheese aging process, the rind is rubbed with oil and vinegar. Delicious and aesthetically intriguing, the Truffled Moliterno cheese is a real masterpiece in the dairy world.

Flavor Profile

Traditional Pecorino comes alive with the injection of black truffles giving this cheese an intriguing earthiness, bold rich flavor, and a nutty undertone.

Unlike most truffle cheeses, the truffle paste is infused after the cheese is slightly aged and has developed its own character but before it becomes too hard to allow the truffle paste to be injected. This cheese is cave aged in Basilicata, Italy, the traditional home of Moliterno cheeses.

This Pecorino has light astringency and delivers an elegant play of the flavors of black truffle, butter and salt with a slight grassy tang and a sweet, musky finish.

Wine Pairings

Moliterno al Tartufo can easily dominate the table, so a wine must stand up but not overpower, as big hearty red wines are needed but anything too tannic will overshadow the nuance of the cheese, hence the perfect pairing is with either of our two Pinot Noir wines.

Usage Suggestions

The infusion of truffle into a great tasting cheese makes for a delicious item for the cheese board.

Moliterno al Tartufo and honey make a harmonious combination served on a cracker.

Use in a risotto to add wonderful pepper, butter, cheese and truffle combination.


Somewhat unusually for a flavor added cheese, the truffle element is added post-production and after some aging has taken place, by injecting the pecorino with a paste made of black truffles. This process allows the cheese to develop its own flavors and for the texture to "break down" before the addition of the truffle.

During the five month maturation period, the wheels are rubbed with vinegar and local olive oil. These flavors, combined with the truffle, spread throughout the cheese, balancing the rich earthy notes of the sheep milk.

As a result of the "injection" method, the interior paste is very striking. Instead of the truffle being evenly flecked throughout, Pecorino Moliterno al Tartufo has wide, deep veins, rather like a truffle "motherlode". Consequently, the color of the paste is a dark ivory interspersed with solid black lines.

Milk isn’t the only thing cheese preserves. The black truffle has a limited season, but surrounded by the salts and oils of Moliterno, black truffles are yours year round.

The wheels are rubbed with vinegar and olive oil as they age, highlighting the subtle bite already present in the cheese, and guarding against any escape of truffle-goodness.

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