Passion Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley with diverse soils, warm days, cool nights, summer fog and a long growing season coaxes Pinot Noir grapes to slow, consistent, perfectly balanced maturity.

Passion Pinot Noir

From our Russian River vineyard this beautiful Pinot shows a nice garnet color leading to intense cherry fruit flavors with hints of delicate rose petals. Rich, ripe fruit leads into a sensual, soft mouth feel and a pleasant, slightly tart finish.

Decant for an hour before serving after which enticing cherry flavors emerge, punctuated by spicy cola, making it a wonderful companion for soft earthy foods like duck, mushroom ravioli, salmon with truffle salt, etc.

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Passion Pinot Noir ~ Dijon or Heritage clones?

Grapevines are propagated by taking buds from vines and planting them in another location thus creating a "clone".

All Pinot Noir grape clones planted in North American originally came from France and there are more than forty certified clones. Most Northern California and Oregon Pinot Noir is produced from University of Dijon clones developed in the 1990s in order to produce vines that would ripen earlier by promoting rapid sugar accumulation.

Once planted in California and Oregon however each clone in turn responded uniquely to its vineyard site and today each produces a different wine, based on its terroir. Due to the genetic instability of the Pinot grape there are now hundreds of variants, each with its own personality, all vastly differing from Pinot Noir produced in Burgundy.

Winemakers found that single Dijon clones usually make a simple wine. Rapid sugar accumulation does not allow the sufficient ripening "hang" time to develop flavor complexity and widespread planting of Dijon clones has led to a homogenization of Oregon and California Pinot Noir. It is therefore usual for Dijon clone Pinot to be blended either with wines from other Pinot clones or with Grenache or Syrah wines to add complexity and character.

We adopted the Pommard clone, originally sourced from the Château de Pommard in Burgundy and introduced to California in the 1970s. This is now called the “Heritage Clone" and so the Passion vineyard is 100% Pommard clone on 104-14 rootstock using no Dijon clones. The vines are trained to cordons with reduced grape clusters per cordon and yield is limited to three tons per acre. Cool growing conditions with foggy mornings and ample warm sunshine contribute to the complexity of the fruit and the incomparable finish.

What gives Passion its exciting variance in complexity and character is the fact that it grows in two adjoining vineyards, one north-facing and one south-facing. The South vineyard is characterized by Gold Ridge sandy loam and a gentle aspect to the afternoon sun while the North vineyard is characterized by Sebastopol sandy loam with pebble infused clay, rich in mineral content and a pronounced aspect to the afternoon sun.

With low yields, necessary for producing high quality fruit, rich, complex soils and good sun exposure this Pinot develops so much complexity and flavor it is never blended so Passion is always a single-varietal, single-vineyard Pinot Noir.

Passion Pinot Noir ~ Pairing Food

Passion shows ripe cherry on the nose with a touch of floral notes in the center pallet and a slightly tart finish. It will work best paired with foods having the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to Medium
  • Flavor - Single earthy flavors
  • Spice – Low spice content
  • Loves – Truffle Salt

Perfect paired with mushroom, plum sauce or truffle seasonings on dishes like salmon, duck, lamb or pasta.  

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Romantic Name ~ Passion Pinot Noir

Passion - an intense emotion which compels action and one taste of this Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley compels you to taste more as it unfolds showing its layers of flavor.

ROMANTIC NAME “™” TRADEMARK NOTICE - The Romantic name used in conjunction with this wine has been used originally and exclusively by WILLIAMSON WINES, LLC as a trademark to distinguish their so marked wine products from those of other companies. WILLIAMSON WINES, LLC is the sole owner of this mark and any unauthorized use is an infringement of copyrights, trademarks and proprietary rights.


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