Mexican Chocolate

Mexican Chocolate is a cooking chocolate and is used in traditional mole sauce.  

Mexican Chocolate vs European-style Chocolate

Mexican chocolate generally tends to be grainy or chalky in texture, rustic in presentation, and somewhat less intense—though often more complex—in flavor. European-style chocolate is often very smooth and more strongly chocolate in flavor, and the "dark" varieties are often considered more sophisticated but if you are cooking with chocolate or making hot chocolate for drinking there is no substitute for Mexican chocolate.

 Please note that some blooming may occur on the surface of the block, however this will not affect the flavor or cooking performance.



Sugar, chocolate liquor processed with alkali, soy lecithin (emulsifier), cocoa butter, artificial cinnamon flavors, PGPR (emulsifier). 


Made on equipment that also processes milk.  Imported product packed in Australia.  PRODUCT OF MEXICO

Flavor Sweet, chocolatey
Contains Chocolate in a mexican style
Application Mole, hot chocolate