Masaman Curry Powder

Masaman Curry Powder

A blend of spices for making an authentic Masaman curry, a favorite dish in Thai restaurants throughout the world.

Massaman Beef Curry Recipe is a sumptuous and very flavorful Thai dish.  Using our pre mixed herbs the whole recipe is quite easy to make. Just toss all sauce ingredients into the curry pot as you prepare them, and simmer together with the meat.

For a special taste treat dust our Haystack Green Chili Jack cheese with this Masaman Curry Powder. - Yum!

Curry is an economical and healthy part of the Thai diet. High in vitamins and rich in protein, it is easily digested when eaten with rice as part of a Thai meal. 


Masaman Beef Curry  

Contains:  Coriander seed, cumin, fennel, turmeric, paprika, ginger, chilli, galangal, cassia, star anise, cardamom.