Crusting Mix (Roasts, Grills & BBQ)

Crusting Mix (Roasts, Grills & BBQ)

Herbie's Spices Crusting Mix has been specially developed for cooks who want to add a deep, full-bodied taste to grilled, barbecued and roasted meats without too much hot spiciness.

This is a full-flavored spice blend without the heat of chili.

Usage Suggestion

  • Place the meat in a clean plastic bag with enough Crusting Mix to coat it. 
  • No oil is needed as the moisture on the surface of the meat is sufficient to make the spice blend stick. 
  • After roasting, make a gravy with the pan juices by deglazing with a little wine and reduce to the consistency of light honey.  It is absolutely delectable!



Coriander Seed, Paprika, Brown Mustard Seed, Sumac, Salt, Ginger, Sugar, Oregano, Pepper, Allspice.   

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Botanical NameSpice Blend