Cheese Club - April 2023

Every taste has a story. Adventure with us through artisanal, handcrafted cheeses from dairy farms all around the world. Bite into flavorful cheese dishes and sip wonderful wines.

Over a decade has passed since Members asked us to pair our wines with cheese and to create a cheese club for them to enjoy our cheese selections and pairings so here is what we have chosen for February 2023.

Humboldt Fog Chèvre

Incredibly smooth and delicious. Creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor it pairs wonderfully with our range of Williamson white wines.

Jenny's Tip: - Drizzle with honey and serve with prosciutto, apple slices and Marcona almonds for a fabulous treat.


A lovely, rich, Basque sheep’s milk cheese with a creamy and semi-firm texture. You cannot help but love this cheese once you taste its rich nutty flavor filled with notes of hazelnut, fresh grass and wildflowers.

Jenny's Tip: - Great for an intimate gathering, you can share with friends or nibble in secrecy - we won’t tell.

Petite Triple Cream Brie

Petite Triple Crème Brie - everything a brie should be: smooth and creamy with slightly sweet, milky flavors and a velvety white rind.

Jenny's Tip: - Pair with fresh or dried fruits like figs, apricots, or grapes that have concentrated flavors but don't be afraid to throw a little dark chocolate on your board as well.

Alta Badia

Alta Badia is a cow's milk cheese named after a gorgeous valley in the Dolomite mountains. It shows the mountain flavors of spice, fruit and earth without being either overpowering or too rustic – truly an elegant cheese with a dense texture that is very smooth and sliceable.

Jenny's Tip: - A fine table cheese and great for melting giving that old fondue recipe an exciting new twist.

Rolf Beeler Swiss Gruyere

Rolf Beeler Gruyère because Rolf believed life was too precious to be spent doing something just out of habit. That every moment should be enjoyed with cheese and wine.

Jenny's Tip: - Present your guests with warm, cheesy chicken cordon bleu, cheese soufflé or au gratin potatoes using this Gruyère.

Beemster Goat Gouda

Even people who don't like goat cheese fall in love with the pale ivory interior and smooth, semi-firm texture delivering a wonderfully clean, sweet flavorful experience.

Jenny's Tip: - Try it melted atop whole wheat bread with a dollop of wildflower honey - Yum!