Cypress Grove - Humboldt Fog Chèvre

Cypress Grove - Humboldt Fog Chèvre

Made by Mary Keens, this is an elegant, soft, surface ripened cheese. Moist with a tight texture it exhibits a wonderful clean, lemony taste.

Each handcrafted wheel features a ribbon of edible vegetable ash along its center and a coating of the ash which develops a soft white bloomy rind with a distinctive, cake-like appearance. Creamy and luscious with a subtle tangy flavor it pairs wonderfully with our Williamson Frolic Viognier.

Quick Snacks

  • Drizzle with honey and serve with prosciutto, tart apple and marcona almonds.
  • Crumble atop mixed baby greens and roasted beets and serve with a simple vinaigrette.

Featured in the October 2011 and November 2016 Cheese Club paired with our Frolic Viognier