Summer days are longer - more time for fun!

When Wine Club Members Spoke . . .

We Listened . . .

Many members told us that it was too long to wait between May and October for another Pickup Party.

Others told us they love the reds in their shipments but they wanted some extra white wines for summer.

Long days in the summer sun pair nicely with wine so celebrate the summer solstice with the perfect white wines, rosé, sparkling wines or even some red wines that take well to a bit of chilling.

We listened . . . and introduced the Summer Club.

Conin with Steak

Summer Club Pickup Parties . . .

Summer Club Pickup Parties are just a little hotter than our other parties.

Our wines of summer are paired with the foods of summer in July.

Is that a whiff of barbecue in the air around noon? - It smells like summer!

Along with the wines will come easy to prepare summer recipes that will pair perfectly with each wine in your selection.

Relaxing in the summer sun or keeping cool indoors? - These recipes and wines will make summer just that much better.

RSVP required so check the Summer Party Schedule and reserve now!


Summer Club Membership . . .

Summer Club Membership is easy - we just add one extra shipment to your wine club subscription and you can always completely customize the wines in this shipment.

Whether your ideal day is relaxing in the summer sun or exploring outdoor activities, you will enjoy it even more with a supply of exceptional wines.

Summer Club is a Left Coast exclusive right now. We can only ship wine in summer when it gets there overnight which limits us to California, Oregon and Washington states. But we are working on solutions for the rest of the country so don't give up hope.

The good news is that if you are within driving distance to Healdsburg - now in July we host the Summer Club Pickup Parties

RESERVATIONS: 707-433-1500