Braised Short Ribs in Red Wine Glossy Sauce

Braising short ribs in red wine gives them deep, dark color and flavor, and fall-off-the-bone tenderness.


  • Short Ribs  ·  4 pounds 
  • Bill's Steak Rub  ·  1/4 cup 
  • Onion, diced  ·  1 
  • Garlic  ·  10 cloves 
  • Beef stock  ·  3 cups 
  • Red wine  ·  1 Bottle 
  • Demi Glace  ·  1/4 cup 


Rub the short ribs with Bill's Steak Rub.

To an Instapot or Dutch oven add the onion and whole garlic cloves. Add the short ribs and the beef stock and 1/2 of the red wine.

  • If using the Instapot set manually for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • If using a dutch oven, cover and place in a 325 degree oven for 4 hours.

When short ribs easily pull apart, take out the short ribs and strain the braising liquid into a sauce pot. Pour in the remaining wine and whisk in the demi-glace. Reduce down until sauce is thick and glossy.

Place short ribs in the sauce, and heat through, turning the short ribs in the sauce to coat.

Serve with mashed potatoes or polenta and lots of glossy sauce!!!

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