Vanilla Extract (2 Folds) 25ml

Vanilla Planifolia, V. Fragrans


Not your regular supermarket vanilla - this is a very special premium grade vanilla extract.

Herbie’s Spices Vanilla Extract is a very special premium grade 2 folds vanilla extract. made from moist, succulent, aromatic and full-flavored premium grade vanilla beans, sourced direct from the plantation.

Jenny's Tip: - Vanilla extract is not the same as artificial vanilla flavor, which is made with a chemical extracted from coal tar and wood.

Delicate, fruity-sweet and spicy with a slightly floral, perfumed aroma Vanilla is perhaps the world's most popular flavor.

Herbie's Vanilla Extract is made by steeping chopped, cured Vanilla Beans in alcohol and then distilling-off much of the spirit.  Use Herbie's Spices natural Vanilla Extract instead of artificial Vanilla essence for a rounder, more full-bodied taste. 

Naturally, sweets like frosting and cookies are prime candidates for ground vanilla. With no additives, this is a quick, convenient way to add true vanilla flavor to porridge, creamy desserts, brûlée and baked goodies.

Since vanilla bean powder isn't carried in an extract medium like alcohol that easily evaporates, it's ideal for high-heat recipes. When you cook or bake with pure ground vanilla, you don't need to worry about losing flavor through heat and evaporation. For example, if you were to heat it in a dairy ingredient for something like an ice cream base, pudding, or custard, the heat will infuse the dairy with vanilla's flavor compounds rather than making them evaporate. If you add vanilla bean powder to a cake batter or cookie dough, its flavor is incorporated throughout.

Jenny's Tip: - Shake well before opening, as there may be some sediment due to the above standard quantity of vanilla beans infused.

Latest News: You may be aware that the global vanilla market is in a state of crisis due to a variety of factors. Most significant is that climate change in most of the tropical producing countries (Mexico, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, India and Indonesia to name the most significant producers) has reduced the quantity and quality of even the best grades of cured beans. Vanilla beans used for making extract are the misshapen and less attractive ones that would not be acceptable as Gourmet Grade whole beans. These vanilla beans are generally as good in flavor as those sold as whole vanilla beans.

Vanilla is made by drying and curing the green, tasteless pod from a tropical, climbing orchid that is indigenous to South America. The curing process takes up to 3 months and by the time it is completed, a Vanilla Bean may have been handled between 200 to 250 times!

Herbie’s Spices 2 Folds Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract is made by steeping 200 grams of chopped, cured Vanilla Beans in 1 litre of alcohol, and then distilling-off much of the spirit. Single fold extracts, which are most common, only use 100 grams per litre of alcohol for extraction.

Use Herbie’s Spices natural Vanilla Extract instead of artificial Vanilla essence for a rounder, more full-bodied taste.

Health Benefits

Vanillin is one of the chief chemical components in vanilla bean that give it its distinctive aroma. These distinct aromas are thought to elevate the mood, but can also create soothing and relaxing sensations, and calm restlessness, and anger. Ancient Mayans believed vanilla to be an aphrodisiac.

Vanillin is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that cause wear and tear on the tissues and cells. Antioxidants help to neutralize carcinogens, may soothe inflammation, and slow the aging process.

Vanilla may also help to regulate menstrual cycles and is considered highly beneficial for women.

Jenny's Tip: - Be Aware: Vanilla is perhaps the world's most popular flavor, but less than 1% of it comes from a fully natural source, the vanilla orchid.

Food makers confronting skyrocketing costs for natural vanilla are using their expertise along the full spectrum of natural to synthetic to arrive at the best vanilla flavor for each product however synthetic vanilla and vanilla extract may cause headache and insomnia-like sleep problems.

Botanical Name Vanilla Planifolia, V. Fragrans
Common Names Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Pod, Vanilla Extract.
Flavor moist, succulent, aromatic and full-flavoured
Contains Vanilla
Application Use Herbie’s Spices natural Vanilla Extract instead of artificial Vanilla essence for a rounder, more full-bodied taste.

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