Robiola Rustica

Robiola Rustica

All cow's milk Robiola Rustica is made in the hills of Lombardy by Luiggi Guffanti.

Each wheel, weighing in just under a pound, is delicately washed in brine, resulting in the ruddy, auburn colored rind.

Those that like Taleggio will enjoy this smaller alternative. The aroma is pleasantly pungent and the pâte is soft, velvety, and intensely-flavored, with bold fruity notes. As the rind develops, its aromas become more pronounced even though the flavors are subtle and smooth with hints of yeast and flowers.

Robiola is generally served as a table cheese, either alone or with oil, salt and pepper. For a pleasant late afternoon snack enjoy this December 2017 Cheese Club Robiola Rustica with with a piece of crusty bread and a good glass of our Amourette Chardonnay.

Its tangy taste is attributable to being infused with the wild herbs on which the animals pasture. Robiola can also be used in cooking including famous Piemonte dishes such as "risotto robiola" and "aglio robiola spaghetti" and other dishes.


The cheese must be stored properly after being purchased, and will keep fresh for up to one month. Special care should be exercised in properly storing the cheese. Best stored refrigerated unwrapped in its crust, or wrapped in paper - do not wrap in plastic. Best used within a week of purchase.