Rapture Pinot Noir 2008

This is our Pinot with fruit from the Los Carneros vineyard where the chill of the North Bay slows the Pinot Noir grape ripening allowing more time to develop flavors best reflecting the true Burgundian style.

In the glass it shows a medium ruby color. On the nose a plump plum aroma with overtones of sweet cranberry that will just carry you away in overwhelming emotion (rapture). In the mouth a full subtle fruit texture with a hint of chocolate on the finish.

Perfect paired with mushroom, plum sauce or truffle seasonings on dishes like salmon, duck, lamb or pasta.

We were happy with our Passion Russian River Pinot Noir but needed more so the decision was take another Russian River vineyard or look to another appellation and develop a second Pinot. We found a hillside in Los Carneros with cold North Bay updrafts and good sun exposure which became the site for Rapture our second Pinot Noir.

Color Red
Vintage 2008
Style Red Burgundy
Appellation Los Carneros
Varietal Pinot Noir
Date Bottled 1st Jan 2009
Drinkable 2012
Alcohol 15.60%
Bottle Size 750ml