Pecoretto al Pepe Rosa


A beautiful soft Italian cheese made from sheep's milk that owes its name to the pink peppercorns added to the curd.

Matured from two to six months, the pink peppercorns add a bright spicy flavor to the interior paste of this delicious cheese. Enjoy with our Indulge Cabernet Sauvignon.

NOTE: This is a soft cheese with a moist interior paste and a thin rind. In storage, even when refrigerated, the rind may develop blue mold spots. Cheese is a living organism so these are normal and can simply be brushed off before serving.

From Our Artisans to You

Giuseppe Buratti with his wife Carla, and his sons Angelo and Eros, opened a small deli in Verbania. Over time Eros Buratti developed a passion for cheese and cured meats and moved the business to the city center of Intra and opened a high quality deli products shop.

By 1991 that little shop became the focus of some of the most interesting and exciting cheese producers throughout Italy. In 2006, Eros added a small ripening laboratory, where all the cheeses were aged, selected, packed and shipped to his Italian customers.

Eros later added a natural cheese aging cave and now selects cheese from the best shepherds and artisans of the surrounding alpine valleys bringing them to his personal preference for correct ripeness by aging in his cave. Once perfect, Eros sends them on to us here at Williamson Wines to share with our club members.

Wine Pairing

Enjoy with Williamson Chardonnay

Milk Sheep
Texture Semi-Soft
Country Italy
Fat 4%
Pronunciation Pe-co-re-no / a / pep-pe / ro-sa

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