Chantilly Chardonnay

For our second Chardonnay from Dry Creek Valley we chose the Dijon Musqué clone 809, perfect for the terroir with wonderfully complex, intense aromas in the glass.

Williamson Chantilly Chardonnay ®

Chantilly is an attractive Chablis-style wine, pale gold, with floral aromas of white peach, lemon and butterscotch. The winemaking technique includes barrel fermentation in a matrix of one, two and three-year-old French oak barrels, located in a cool temperature barrel room.

The wine was fermented "sur lees" with battonage in the traditional Burgundian style, followed by malolactic fermentation, resulting in a wonderfully complex floral bouquet complemented with a richness on the palate.

About Chantilly Chardonnay ®

We wanted more Chardonnay and the Amourette was so vineyard and clone specific we decided to make a second Chardonnay. We chose a vineyard site on the opposite side of the river from our home ranch vineyard and planted Dijon clone 809 with the prospect of producing a wonderful floral counterpart to our existing Amourette Chardonnay.

Pairing Food with Chantilly Chardonnay ®

Given its unique characters, the Chantilly Chardonnay would be an ideal accompaniment for foods with the following characteristics.

  • Texture – Soft to Medium
  • Flavor - Multiple, complex flavors
  • Spice – Low to medium spice content
  • Loves – Pickles or Capers

Try a pear salad with scallops or more intricate sushi dishes. Tempura or Sashimi, Ahi Tataki or Carpaccio. Toasted garlic, corn nuts, hazelnuts or ginger, pickled onions, capers or horse radish.   More . . .  

Background of Chantilly Chardonnay ®

Our goal is always to produce the best wine possible and this starts with using the best fruit which means using the correct varietal for the terroir. You may know you want to plant Chardonnay, but which Chardonnay?

Within each grape variety there are several, sometimes many, different clones to choose from so clone selection is an important part of viticulture. Clones are like siblings, they are closely related but each has its own personality and Chardonnay is a big family with more than 40 different clones.

Clone 809, one of the Musqué clones, requires a growing site where the days are warm and evenings are cool, perfect for our vineyards in Dry Creek Valley.

Our Chantilly Chardonnay is Dijon clone 809 grown on 039-16 rootstock. This clone produces a more aromatic Chardonnay with rich, musk-like, floral characteristics and we have taken it towards being a beautiful Chablis.

Originally called Amoureux (fr:/ lovers), to accompany our Amourette (fr:/ little love affair), we felt the names were too close and caused confusion so we changed the name to Chantilly in 2010.