Oz Odyssey 2023


Every March Dawn & Bill take nine couples to Australia on an Oz Odyssey for some fun, food and wine.

If you want to be one of the nine couples next March then authorize us to bill your initial deposit right now. Your reservation will be confirmed via email.

To avoid any uncertainty with the fluctuating exchange rates we have a simple fixed payment plan for the trip as follows:

Oz Odyssey per Couple - $16,950

Billed in three equal payments of $5,650 each.

  • $5,650 Deposit (payable on application)
  • $5,650 Billed 30 days after confirmation
  • $5,650 Billed 60 days after confirmation


  • This trip offer is only available to existing Williamson Wine Club Members.

  • Price includes travel, accommodation and meals on the Oz Odyssey trip while in Australia. Price DOES NOT INCLUDE airfares to and from Australia so use those airline miles and book early.

  • The total price of this trip is $16,950 per couple plus air fares. Because of the price and complexity of our future bookings we highly recommend you take travel and medical insurance in case you are unable to travel at the time.

More Info on Oz Odyssey . . . Please Read our Cancellation Policy . . .