Mole Poblano Blend



Mole is the generic name for a sauce originally used in Mexican cuisine, as well as for dishes based on these sauces.

Mexico's most iconic mole, the Mole Poblano (Puebla-Style Mole Sauce) preparation marries mulato, ancho, and pasilla chilis with warm spices to create a velvety smooth sauce ideal for spooning over chicken.

This spice blend makes classic Mole quick and easy to prepare.

The coca and cinnamon sweetness in mole is balanced by the spicy, smoky flavor of chills, and the toasted flavor of roasted nuts and seeds.

Mole sauce can be used for many purposes, and you will see many Mexican cooks add it to a variety of traditional dishes, depending on the type of mole they are using. However, the most traditional way to use mole is as a dressing for meats.

Mole is traditionally a sauce that is made on its own and poured over poached or roasted meats rather than being the base of a stew. In other words, mole isn’t the flavorful sauce in a stew but rather a stand-alone sauce.

Mole differs from other Mexican sauces, particularly salsa, in that it’s not a condiment but rather forms the backbone of the dish.

Mole is a term used in Mexican cuisine to describe a type of sauce. The word mole (pronounced MOE-lay) comes from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec Empire and the modern-day Nahua people, who are the largest indigenous group in Mexico. The original Nahuatl word is molli, which simply means sauce.

Mole is considered one of the most important dishes in Mexican cuisine, but few people outside of Mexico are aware of just how vast the world of mole is. There isn’t just one mole but rather a whole family of preparations that fall under the mole category.

Mole poblano, which includes chocolate, is perhaps one of the most well-known moles in the US.

Botanical Name Mole
Common Names Mole
Flavor sweet, spicy and savory
Contains Pasilla and Chipotle Chilli, Cocoa, Salt, Cinnamon, Onion, Paprika, Aniseed, Black Pepper, Coriander Leaf, Cloves and Oregano.
Application Mexican Mole Sauce

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