United Kingdom

Huntsman is a blend of two classic cheeses produced in the English countryside.

Just like a layer cake, the rich creamy flavor of the outer (Double Gloucester) cheese hold the layers of a strong, richly veined Blue Stilton, resulting in a delicious and beautiful cheese - you will love this combination as it offers a little of both worlds.

Flavor Profile

This cheese is like a piece of art; layers of rich Double Gloucester and Blue Stilton not only are a feast for the eyes but also create outstanding taste sensations.

The creaminess of the Double Gloucester in combination with the tangy crumbliness of the Stilton give the Huntsman a great complexity of texture and flavor.

This is a truly unique and outstanding cheese. The result is an excellent flavor combination that is as delicious as it is beautiful.

Wine Pairings

Usage Suggestions

Huntsman is visually stunning on a cheese platter.

Place a slice of Huntsman on a burger for an outstanding cheeseburger.


The Double Gloucester is a firm, mellow and tangy cheese made only from the milk of Gloucester cows in southwestern England while Stilton Blue cheese is a blue-veined, strong, smooth and creamy cheese with a distinctive flavor profile.

Though the combination seems unusual, the English cheesemakers have presented a layered representation of the two cheeses. Stilton is sandwiched between layers of satiny Double Gloucester, resulting in a powerful flavor combination of the two.

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Milk Cow
Texture Semi-Firm
Country United Kingdom

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