Harissa Spice Blend


Moroccans invented harissa to upgrade food from good to excellent!

Harissa as the ketchup or sriracha of North Africa and the Middle East.

Harissa is a Moroccan spicy paste, made predominantly from chili, garlic, cumin and coriander. Herbie’s have blended these fresh, pure spices to create a flavorful seasoning that's perfect for roasting and grilling.

Mild with just enough kick, sweet, smoky, and a little bit tangy. Absolutely addictive, Herbie's Harissa can be used to make the perfect harissa: not too hot or overly spiced.

Add Herbie's Harissa spice to olive oil for a classic harissa paste. Make as much harissa paste as you need at a time by simply mixing Herbie's Spices harissa mix with an equal amount of water, then just enough oil to create the consistency you desire.

Harissa is used as an accompaniment to a wide variety of foods, in much the same way as Italians use pestou, Asians chili sauce and Indians their lime pickles.

Harissa turns any plain sandwich (omelet, tuna, turkey or even a toast with avocado) to a fancy sandwich. If you like a spicy touch to your dishes, then you will love harissa. Use it in stews, soups and sandwiches, as a topping for pizzas or a flavor booster for pastas.

As a dipping sauce for French fries prepare small plates of harissa, yogurt, whipped cream, and blue-cheese ranch dressing. Yum!

Alternatively, create a spicy, refreshing dip for fresh vegetables by blending our Harissa Spice with tangy yogurt.

For a real eye opener discover the beautiful and tasteful combination of harissa and ketchup when added to a burger. Once you do, ketchup alone will never be the same.

Delicious with rice and couscous dishes, on cold meat sandwiches instead of mustard and with hummus on crusty bread and to flavor salads, vegetables and egg dishes.

Fiery food lovers adore harissa sprinkled onto meats as a dry marinade before cooking making a bold, spicy rub for roasted and grilled meats.

Create a spicy, refreshing dip for fresh vegetables by blending our Herbie's 'Harissa Spice with tangy yogurt.

Originally from Tunisia, harissa is a chile sauce or paste typically made of dry red chiles, garlic, citrus, extra virgin olive oil and a few warm spices including cumin, coriander and caraway seeds.

Contains Red Freeze-Dried Chili, Garlic, Mild Paprika, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Cumin, Salt, Mint.

Homemade Hummus with Harissa

Homemade Hummus with Harissa

This Harissa Hummus will have you hooked with its spicy, smoky, and wonderfully aromatic flavors. Makes a wonderful snack or appetizer. Serve with warm pita bread or veggies.

Spicy Miso Chicken with Harissa Sauce

Spicy Miso Chicken with Harissa Sauce

Many think the Moroccans invented harissa to upgrade food from good to excellent and this intense, aromatic dish proves it. Made predominantly from chili, garlic, cumin and coriander our Herbie’s blend of these fresh, pure spices creates a wonderfully flavorful dish to pair with Heritage Shiraz.

Spicy Salmon Pate

Spicy Salmon Pate

If you love salmon and spice then this spread will excite your taste buds and give you that great warm spicy feeling that calls for more.