Chai Spice

Natural spice blend


A mellow natural spice blend using pure, fresh spices. Chai is commonly called masala chai in the Indian language where chai simply means tea, whereas masala means ground spices.

Chai Spice mixes well with tea and milk to make a traditional chai latte with satisfying amounts of sweet and spice that are all consistently portioned with a nice tea to spice balance, leaving you free to add all your personal flavors like vanilla, caramel or chocolate.

Chai is a strong flavored tea that is also pungently aromatic. The rich flavor varies depending on the ingredients used, but tends to have a spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness. Ginger and pepper add a spicy kick that is evened out by the earthy notes of cardamom and cloves. A touch of cinnamon adds a dash of sweetness for a smooth finish.

Chai recipes can be served hot or over ice. You can also try adding chai to many dessert recipes like cookies and bread pudding.

Perfect Chai Tea ~ Chai tea is full of flavor because of its many spices. Chai tea is commonly sweetened using maple syrup, brown sugar, and sweetened milks.

  • To brew a mildly spiced Chai Tea, add 1/4 of a teaspoon of Chai Spice, per cup to the teapot with black tea leaves.
  • Allow to infuse for 5 minutes (the spice will settle) and serve.
  • Sugar and milk are optional, depending on your taste preferences.
  • For a powerful, head-clearing brew - add 1 teaspoon of Chai Spice for each cup of tea.

The milk and sugar helps to increase the robust flavors of the spices while simultaneously adding a creamy texture that makes the beverage full-bodied. Chai can be made using dairy milk as well as nut and other plant-based milks.

The addition of black tea leaves makes chai a good alternative for coffee in the morning. The black tea contains naturally occurring caffeine that can help wake you up and help you focus. Traditional chai recipes call for Indian black teas such as Darjeeling and Assam. Sri Lankan Ceylon black teas can also be used as well as Chinese black teas if preferred. Loose leaf teas are preferred to black tea bags, but tea bags can be used if you're pressed for time.

Pancake Twist ~ Add a dash of Chai Spice to your pancake batter to give these morning treats plenty of flavor without any added sugar.

Chai Coconut Milk Vegan French Toast ~ when French toast meets Indian tea with this outside-the-box, egg-free, nondairy recipe. With Chai Spice sprinkled into a rich coconut milk batter, it’s like dipping your bread into a chai latte.

Almond Chai Rice Pudding ~ could there be anything cozier than a warm bowl of rice pudding on a cold day? Made with basmati rice, chai spice, and almond milk, this one will have a distinctly South Asian influence and is healthier than most.

Apple Chai Hot Toddy ~ Hot toddies are known for being effective cold fighters, but immune-boosting Chai Spice ends an extra congestion-easing component to this warm cocktail. Whether you’re drinking it as a nightcap or a flu-fighter, you’re bound to feel better after a mug or two.

Chai tea is a beloved beverage in India. It's commonly consumed in the mornings to start the day and is a central part of community events. The spiced drink makes an appearance at weddings and informal gatherings with friends and family. You'll often see people sharing the drink with selling wares at the local market or chatting with neighbors at the local coffeehouse.

Chai has become increasing popular in the western world as well. Just about every coffee shop sells the stuff and it's easy to buy in tea bags and sachets. The unique spiced nature of this drink makes it stand out from the crowded market of floral and herbal teas. Check out how you can add your own spin to this tea and sip it all year long.

Botanical Name Natural spice blend
Common Names Chai Spices
Flavor Mild spice
Contains Black pepper, ginger, green cardamom, cassia, long pepper, cloves, amchur.
Application Combine with black tea for a mildly spiced chai tea, add more for more spice

Chai Latte

Chai Latte

A comforting chai latte instead of cocoa for cold days or when feeling a little under the weather.