Aniseed (whole)

Aniseed (whole)

Aniseed is a warm licorice-tasting seed that is harvested from an annual plant with flat, feathery leaves and white, late summer blooming flower-heads.

Be careful not to confuse aniseed with star anise, which is harvested from a tree that is native to China.

Aniseed is native to the Middle East and is traditionally used with vegetables that can be indigestible such as cabbage, onion, cucumber, carrot, turnip and beetroot.

Aniseed is used to flavour many alcoholic drinks such as Pernod, Greek ouzo and mastikha, anesone from Italy and the French drink, pastis.

Usage Suggestions

  • Beef Serunding - using aniseed, beef, lemongrass, garlic and scallions.
  • Sweet Spicy Pork Stew - using aniseed, fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce, garlic, chopped lemongrass and dry chilies.
  • Spiced Rice Dessert - using aniseed, caraway, cinnamon, fennel and coconut.
  • Aniseed Sponge Cake - using aniseed, eggs, sugar and flour.

Health Benefits

Aniseed contains tahymol, a chemical compound found in some plants touted for its medicinal properties.

The seeds are an excellent source of bone-strengthening and alkalizing minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese zinc, potassium and copper. These minerals are essential to cardiac, bone and blood health and are needed by the body to turn food into energy.

The B-complex vitamins found in aniseed are essential to overall health. Loaded with riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin and thiamin, the seeds can contribute to healthy levels of neuro-chemicals in the brain.

Aniseed is considered effective in soothing bronchial irritation, and the essential oils have been used to relieve sore throats. Some components of aniseed are thought to ease nervous disorders associated with anxiety.

Aniseeds are delightfully fragrant due to their high concentration of anethole, an essential oil. The seeds also contain other important compounds like acetophenone, p-anisaldehyde, anise alcohol, estragol, limonene and pinene.

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Botanical NamePimpinella anisum