Aniseed Myrtle Leaf (ground)

Anetholea Anisata


An Australian native, aniseed myrtle has a warm licorice-like taste and is an interesting alternative to aniseed and star anise. 

The Aniseed Myrtle leaf (Backhousia anisata) has one of the highest known concentrations of anethole, the compound that gives its anise flavor and aroma.


Usage Suggestions

Use to flavor desserts, sweet sauces and preserves. It can also be used in savory sauces or marinades for meats.

Add some to salad dressings for a flavorsome change.

This herb blends well with seafood, fish, pasta and breads. Use it in place of star anise or cloves.


This stunning rain forest tree is both highly ornamental and a very desirable for its bush food characteristics. It’s quite rare in the wild, native to a few areas of North East New South Wales however its popularity within the bush food and horticultural industries promises its security within our flora environment.

Its name comes from the strong aniseed scented and flavored leaves. The leaves are often used for flavoring desserts, sweet sauces and preserves. It also is popular as a scented savory sauce or marinade for meats and sets a deep fragrant flavor to salad dressings.

Other Common Names

Anise Myrtle, Native Anise 

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Botanical Name Anetholea Anisata
Common Names Anise Myrtle, Native Anise
Flavor warm and licorice-like
Contains Leaves from the (Anetholea anisata) plant
Application Similarly to aniseed and star anise