Amuse Melange 2017

Amuse is a Mélange (blended wine) designed to push the flavors of Bordeaux to the limit with a distinctly Bill twist.

The goal with Amuse is to use our Californian Bordeaux-style wines in a blend that is not traditionally Bordeaux and come up with a unique American blend that is actually flavorful, delicious and works with typical foods of America.

Amuse Mélange 2017 has a visually bold color and complex aroma of wood, blackcurrant and floral scents, a forewarning of something very good to come.

This wine has an immediate freshness, charm and elegance on the palate. The delicate, floral and fruity nose gives way to a gentle, smooth yet rich mouthfeel and finishes with hints of pepper in the solid finish. Although the tight tannin is present, the silkiness is so remarkable that it is forgotten.

It is just like all the best wines of the vintage, fresh, fragrant, very elegant on the palate with no hint of harshness or aggression. It is a charming wine that appeals to delicate foods and offers immediate pleasure to the enthusiasts who taste it.

Food and Cheese Pairings

Amuse Mélange is wonderful paired with foods like: Tasting with the Sweet Beet Horseradish Mustard on a slice of cheddar the primary flavor is the aroma of horseradish invading your senses. Adding the wine the whole mouth is flooded by sweet mustard ending with a soft hint of the beets.

Tasting with the Bleu d'Auvergne the cheese shows its slightly sticky, mellow and subtle, rustic flavors, buttery yet tangy, with notes of spice, pepper and salt.

A second bite of the cheese taken together with the wine in the mouth and then you witness the wine sending the blue flavor to the sides of the palate, converting the cheese into a moist and creamy texture with the wine remaining central in the palate. A fascinating and delicious pairing.

Amuse Mélange 2017 benefits from the extreme selection of component wines in the blend originating from our vineyards - (30%) Sonoma and (70%) Napa Stagecoach.

Dominated by the rich blackcurrant and woodsy flavors of (44%) Cabernet Sauvignon and supported by (26%) Petit Verdot to accentuate the mouth with a broad, fine-grained tannin. The balance is composed of equal parts of (10%) Merlot, (10%) Cabernet Franc which largely contributes to the soft, fruity aromatic expression and (10%) Malbec to add that juicy goodness completing the blend.


The 2017 growing season started off with record rainfalls that pushed the growing season into a later start, then a wide variety of weather conditions kept us busy. Late fog, windy days and unusual heat spikes all made for an eclectic mix of conditions. Then in September, extreme heat made its way into Sonoma County kick-starting harvest.

At the end of the day however, the 2017 wines are fantastic with excellent color, aromatics and flavors producing outstanding varietal quality for our entire 2017 vintage.

Matured in French Oak for 22 months, 45% new, 40% one use and the balance neutral.
Only 500 cases produced so when it's gone, it's gone! No allergens or animal products were used in the making of this wine.
Color Red
Vintage 2017
Harvest Date 16th Oct 2017
Style Red Bordeaux
Appellation Sonoma County
Varietal Bordeaux Blend
Date Bottled 22nd Jul 2019
Drinkable 2020 - 2027
Alcohol 14.80%
Bottle Size 750ml