Aleppo Chili Pepper

Capsicum annum


Aleppo Pepper is a highly desirable variety of chili, popular for its warm, fruity flavor and mild chili bite.

The Aleppo pepper has a moderate heat level of about 10,000 on the Scoville scale, with fruitiness and mild, cumin-like undertones.

Its flavor is similar to the Ancho chili, but smother in the mouth and slightly salty as salt is often used in the drying process.

It is fairly mild, with its heat building slowly with a fruity raisin-like flavor. It has also been described as having the flavor of "sweetness, roundness and perfume of the best kind of sun dried tomatoes with a nice chili follow through.

Unlike crushed red pepper, the flakes contain no inner flesh and seeds, contributing to the mildness.

The warm fruity flavor and mild chill heat of Aleppo Pepper makes this unique spice a versatile addition to most savory dishes. Aleppo chili pepper, also called Halaby or Turkish pepper, has a salty flavor with subtle notes of raisin, pomegranate and even sun-dried tomato.

Sprinkle on pizzas and pasta, add to scrambled eggs and omelettes and even sprinkle over salads. Use in Turkish and Middle Eastern recipes.

The most common use is in the form of crushed flakes, which are typically slightly milder and more oily than conventional crushed red pepper, with a hint of saltiness and a slightly raisin-like flavor.


Crushed Aleppo pepper can be used as a substitute for crushed red pepper or paprika.

Aleppo is a common Middle Eastern condiment, traditionally used to season meat, beans, salads, and muhammara dip, but it can be used like any other dried red pepper.

Add Aleppo-style pepper to oil for a roast chicken marinade, rub it on roasted vegetables, add it to salad dressing, or even use it to rim a cocktail glass; anything that calls for a layer of slow-building heat.

Named after the Persian city of Aleppo, this spice comes from a burgundy chili also known as the Halaby pepper. Once ripened, the peppers are semi-dried, de-seeded, and coarsely ground.

Botanical Name Capsicum annum
Common Names Maresh Pepper, Urfer Biber, also known as Isot Pepper, Halaby or Turkish pepper
Flavor Warm, fruity flavor and mild chili bite.
Contains Aleppo Pepper