Adore Rose 2020

Adore Rose 2020

Adore is a Provençal-style rosé distinguished by its lighter color, an incredibly delicate pink that can appear almost clear.

Just as a good Provençal rosé it shows nice complexity, largely thanks to the grapes used in its production—Grenache, Pinot Noir and Shiraz to name a few.

An incredibly delicate pink rosé Adore is the go-to rosé wine for a summer party. Adore is incredibly easy to drink chilled, but not frigid, anywhere from 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Tasting Notes

Extremely light color, nice delicate nose and simply lovely in the mouth this is a classic Provencal rosé that is incredibly easy to drink. There are complexities within its subtleties showing classic light berry flavors, floral, nice minerality and a hint of herbs and spices. A nice balance that will pair well with the tastes of summer.

Production Notes

540 gallons = 200 cases

Winemaker Notes

An impressive rosé wine made from a combination of Grenache and Pinot Noir grapes and then vinified at a low temperature allowing the true style and personality of the grapes to shine through in the wine.

Cooperage Notes

French oak

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AppellationSonoma County
PairingTruffle Salt
Drinkable2019 - 2025
ph Level3.34
Residual Sugar0.092