Fridge Food & Fine Wines Tasting

You are enjoying a glass of wine on your deck after a long day at work and you realize you're hungry so you go to the fridge where you find some cheese, pickles, olives, maybe a brownie, some cold meats and mustard. Suddenly you are enjoying great food and wine and thinking, "life is good!" Our complementary tasting includes these "fridge foods" just so you know you don't need to be a great chef to enjoy food with fine wines.

Complimentary Tastings

Our complimentary food and wine tasting usually includes two white and four red wines. Each wine is paired with a 'fridge food" bite which will be tasty and show how the wine accentuates the food flavors. Best to call for a reservation as we are always busy.

Fridge Food & Fine Wines Tasting Reservation

To reserve your tasting simply call or email us:

For groups you may be asked for your credit card details to secure your reservation time.

  • Price: Complimentary up to a maximum of 5 guests
  • Groups of 6 to 15 are charged at $5 per guest. (Wine Club Members - complimentary)
  • Groups larger than 15 - see: Corporate Events

We serve all our wines in Riedel stemware accompanied by a small food sample so please bring a fresh, receptive palate and plan on spending an hour or more to fully appreciate the wines and their food pairings.

Williamson Wines is our family's business and lifestyle. We view both employees and customers as an extension of our own family and our tasting room as an extension of our own home. Our wines are only available via the tasting room or our wine club.

Tasting Room Expectations

Tasting Times

The tasting room is open for complimentary wine and food pairings from 11:00am through 7:00pm every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. A tasting usually takes about one hour and reserved seating is available. We do suggest making a reservation. Phone 707-433-1500 or email First tasting starts at 11:00 am and last tasting starts at 6:00 pm daily.

Directions to the Tasting Room . . .

Group Tastings - More than six?

We welcome groups larger than six up to a maximum of 15 but reservations are required and a fee is charged. Wine Club members are always complimentary however each guest in groups larger than six is subject to a $5 tasting fee. If you have a larger group perhaps you might like to use our private or corporate events capabilities.

What's Not Open - Can I try that special wine?

Our wines are made from select, private vineyards in small quantities. Many have won multiple gold medals in competition and are exceptional examples of our winemaker's craft. As such they are in constant demand and availability is limited. If you would like to try a wine that is not open for tasting, simply tell your server who will charge you for the bottle at normal retail price and pour it for you together with a sample food pairing. Your server will happily re-cork the bottle so you can take it with you to finish later.

Tasting Room Etiquette - How to enjoy the experience

The French word étiquette, means "ticket of admission" and admission to our tasting room is dependent upon acceptable social behavior which includes being over 21 years of age so bring your ID and be comfortable in neat, casual attire. This is a great place to taste and experience beautiful wines and here are a few ideas submitted by our customers that will help make your visit to wine country more enjoyable.

  • Feel Free to Ask Questions Wine tasting is your opportunity to find wines you like, sample new vintages, learn to pair wines with foods and obtain unique wines directly from the source. Here you can educate your palate, and learn more about the process of wine-making. You will find our tasting room staff, owners and winemaker congenial and happy to answer your wine or food related questions.

  • Tasting Order Our server will take you through a selection of wines in an appropriate tasting order from lightest to heaviest, each paired with a food sample. Your empty glass is our signal to pour the next wine. By serving in this order, you never have to worry about cleaning your glass between tastes.

  • Food & Wine - Devine! We provide a taste of food with each wine so you don't need to bring food or beverages to the tasting. To stay hydrated we recommend drinking a bottle of water after your overall tasting is completed.

  • Aroma - Ah the Nose! The scents of perfumes, heavy lipstick or cologne on men or women can overwhelm the delicate flavors of the wines so best to avoid these on tasting days.

  • Silence is Golden Its a good idea to turn off cell phones so everyone in your group can benefit from the tasting experience without the interruption of calls or texts.

  • Don't be "That Guy" Tasting Rooms are best enjoyed in a relaxed and conversational environment. Best to refrain from loud banter which may prove disruptive for other tasters.

  • Eye-rolls Aside Please pardon us but the State of California prohibits tasting room staff from serving anyone who appears intoxicated, even if they have a designated driver.

  • Young Winos? - No People under the age of 21 may not taste wine so tasting rooms generally do not cater for children or pets.

  • Use a DD Using a designated driver can be a prudent decision for a carefree day of tasting. There are many local drivers or tour services available that are fun and affordable. More . . .

  • Closing Time Our last formal tasting commences at 6:00 pm each night and we close at 7:00 pm. If you get in late our staff will happily pour you a sample tasting of the remaining wines but generally no new wines are opened after 6:00 pm.

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