More on the Inspired Burger

16th Feb 2011 @ 07:33 by Bill

Club Members Brian and Tracy gave us some more feedback on the "Inspired Hamburger" recipe from February's Wine Club shipment paired with our Inspire Cabernet Sauvignon.

Absolutey the best burger ever! Just made this shipment's recipe to go with the Inspire Cab. Completely delicious. We were reluctant to use our wine for the recipe, but it is so worth it! We used an Asiago cheese artisan bread instead of the Focacia and paired it with oven fries - Russet potatoes baked at 400 in olive oil, salt and a splash of old bay seasoning. A homemade garlic Aioli is a great condiment. The freshness of the meat combined with the complex flavor of the wine paired with a hint of the fresh rosemary and the tang of the Irish cheddar just was the most delectable combination of tastes.
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The recipe was really easy to perform and it was easy to get the fresh ground beef. We prefer slider sized burgers so we made them slightly smaller -about 3" square and served two each. The house smelled wonderful while the wine was cooking down. While we were cooking, we opened the Inspire Cab and sipped it while we snacked on the Barely Buzzed Cheese from the Cheese Club!

Thanks Brian and Tracy. There's a free replacement Merlot in your next shipment for you to enjoy. . . Bill