Wine Club Options

Our Wine Club team works hard to make sure your membership has value. If you drink two bottles of wine a week that's 100 bottles a year. Through our Wine Club you can only get between twelve to twenty-four bottles. We want to make sure those wines are outstanding from a wine quality perspective, from a food pairing perspective and from an added-value perspective through fine customer service and our loyalty programs. If we can do anything to make your membership experience better, just let us know.

"Surprise Me" Wine Club

Our "Surprise Me" Wine Club provides an annual volume discount on a selection of our wines delivered to you at regular intervals throughout the year. The choices you can make include:

  • Volume = how much of our wine would you like each year
  • Frequency = when the deliveries occur
  • Selection = what kind of wines would you like


We have two discount levels each based on the volume you have committed to purchase each year.

  • One case per year = 15% discount
  • Two or more cases per year = 20% discount

Once you choose your club membership level your discount level applies to all your wine purchases of any of our regular 750ml bottles (12 per case) and 375ml bottles (24 per case). You can choose to move from one to two or more cases per year at any time and your new discount level will immediately become effective.


We offer standard delivery frequencies for "Surprise Me" club deliveries. If you live in our area you can collect your wines at our quarterly "pickup party".

For shipments, the normal delivery schedule is four times each year (quarterly, but in cooler months) so you have wine to share at special holiday events, for example:

  • February - In time for Valentines Day
  • May - In time for Mothers Day or the start of summer
  • October - In time for Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • December - In time for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years


Your selection broadly defines what kind of wines you would like to receive. The "Surprise Me" means we will choose the actual wines, so we can pair the cheese and recipes to match, but you choose the type of wine from the following choices:

One Case per Year

  • 3 bottles of White Wines each Quarter (Average $85)
  • 2 White and 1 Red Wine each Quarter (Average $95)
  • 1 White & 2 Red Wines each Quarter (Average $120)
  • 3 Red Wines each Quarter (Average $130)

Two Cases per Year

  • 6 bottles of White Wines each Quarter (Average $170)
  • 4 White and 2 Red Wines each Quarter (Average $190)
  • 2 White & 4 Red Wines each Quarter (Average $230)
  • 6 Red Wines each Quarter (Average $260)

Prices shown are estimates for each shipment and will vary slightly based upon the actual wines sent for that shipment. All prices are exclusive of shipping & tax (if applicable)

Other Clubs & Options

Extreme Climates

  • For areas with extremely hot summers such as Arizona, Texas and Florida you may elect to receive two shipments each year in the cooler months of April and November in which case you will receive half the number of shipments and twice the quantity in each.

Call Me

  • "Call Me" is an extension of the two-cases-per-year club where you choose a default wine selection combination, for example 2 white and 4 red and then we call you before each shipment advising which wines will be in the shipment. You can then change the wines in your shipment or accept the default selection.

Split Deliveries

  • If you split your time between addresses we also offer multiple delivery addresses, for example, December and February deliveries to Miami and May and October deliveries to New York.

Gift Registry

  • You may add other people to your wine club delivery schedule so you never forget a friend or relative's special day. We can automatically ship wine and a card from you to celebrate their birthday, anniversary, fathers' day, etc. Just "register" the date and details with us and we will take care of it every year. The wine will be billed to you with your club discount.

Cheese Club

  • Include ½ lb each of three "Village Cheeses" paired with each of my "Surprise Me" wine shipments ~ $45 / quarter plus $20 shipping & tax (if applicable)

Concierge Club

  • Perfect if you want only one shipment per year but want to continually receive our newest wines. You may elect to take just one wine (e.g., Pinot Noir) or one category of wine (Bordeaux) or specify a selection for a shipment of one or two cases once each year.

Silver Club

  • Specifically designed for wine lovers in socially conscious, fixed income employment the Silver Club provides three 750ml bottles of our wines delivered two times per year at a 15% discount plus shipping and tax, if applicable. Silver Club members receive membership discounts on additional wine purchases and may attend club events. Silver Club is specifically limited to people who meet the following criteria:
    • Actively serving military personnel
    • Police officers, fire and emergency services personnel such as EMT or Paramedics
    • Medical nurses – actively employed in a hospital
    • School teachers – actively employed in a teaching role
    • Williamson Wines Club members who have fulfilled their original annual commitment and have not yet left our wine club. They may transfer from a regular WW club membership to Silver Club membership only if their time as a member remains unbroken.

Associate Club

  • Associate Club Membership is offered to active Wine Club Members by invitation only. Priority for an invitation is based upon a combination of availability, membership seniority, and purchase history.

Executive Club

  • Executive Membership is offered to active Associate Members by invitation only. Priority for an invitation is based upon a combination of availability, membership seniority, and purchase history.