Wine Club Questions

We want to help you enjoy our wines as fully as possible. That includes providing good service and having a clearly defined and effectively communicated set of sensible and sensitive procedures. The answers to some of the most common questions we have been asked are included below and we invite you to call or email us with your questions at any time.

Wine Club Options

Our Wine Club team will make sure we have just the right wines for your requirements. You can choose quantity of wine you desire, the variety of wines you like and the frequency of delivery. We manage all these different options so you get perfect wines for your palate and as your needs change you can modify your options.

Shipment Frequency Options

  • When are the Seasonal Shipments sent?
  • I live in a hot climate so how do you protect my wines from the heat while they are being shipped?
  • May I select my own wines for the Seasonal Shipments?

Other Wine Club Questions

  • How do I get the Recipes?
    • How much does a club membership cost?
    • As a club member, do I also receive my discount on wines I buy at the Tasting Room or if I order on this web site?
    • Can I purchase Icon or Library Wines at my discounted price?
    • How do I find out about special events?

Suspending or Cancelling Membership

  • Can I cancel my membership?
  • Can I suspend my membership for a time?
  • If I cancel my membership can I rejoin later?
  • Can non-members or ex-members come to the events?