. . . exceptional wines deserve exceptional stemware . . .

Stemware refers to glass or crystal vessels for beverages and desserts, having rounded bowls mounted on footed stems. For our purposes stemware and glassware simply refer to the correct glass from which to serve and enjoy our wine.

Wine Glasses on Table 350x350

It’s important to make sure the tabletop is symmetrical to create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your dinner guests to enjoy. Glasses should be arranged in a diagonal or square pattern to the right of the dinner plate, and are comprised of glasses for water, white wine, red wine, and a champagne flute for occasions that require a toast.

Noted wine critic Robert Parker wrote "The finest glasses are those made by Riedel" Claus Riedel was the first person to design individual wineglass shapes according to the variety of the wines being tasted. Made of thin, clear, lead-crystal glass with a wide bowl tapering to a narrower opening, the shape allows the wine to be swirled in the glass while concentrating the aromas at the rim.

Each variety of wine has its own Riedel stemware, each in different quality and price categories, so collecting can be expensive. We recommend you consider:

  • Buy a durable set of six, one for white wines and one for red wines. Use these when you are having take-out or a quick meal at home or when friends drop by. Choose a restaurant-quality, dishwasher-safe selection.
  • Buy a superior quality set of twelve for more formal dinner parties. Choose at least two for each of the white and the red wines you would normally serve at these events, for example, Riesling and Chardonnay, Pinot and Bordeaux. This will give you a fine set and will generally address most wine varieties.
  • If you love red Bordeaux style wines invest in a set of four large, high-end, hand-blown, crystal red glasses. These are just for one or two of you to enjoy and savor that special red wine when no one else is around.
You can view and purchase the Riedel stemware appropriate to each of our wines by clicking the links below.

Cleaning Wine Glasses

It's a good idea to get a set of everyday Riedel wine glasses that you can just pop through your dishwasher but for the fine stemware never use detergent.

For the higher quality Riedel wash the glass under hot water then, for extra shine, steam the glass over boiling water. This will remove lipstick and food grease. Hold glass by its base and dry with a linen towel, then polish with two microfiber towels. Using your left hand to cradle the bowl, polish the bowl with your right hand. Use the same technique on the stem and base, always taking care never to hold the base and twist the bowl with the towel.