Salmon Phyllo Pie

This moist tender Salmon Phyllo Pie is a pastry treat with a smooth creamy dill sauce.


  • chopped dill leaves  ·  ½ cup 
  • sour cream  ·  1 cup 
  • Dijon mustard  ·  2 tablespoons 
  • grated horseradish  ·  2 tablespoons 
  • salted capers, rinsed and chopped  ·  ¼  cup 
  • finely grated lemon rind  ·  2 tablespoons 
  • sea salt  ·  1 teaspoon 
  • fresh cracked black pepper  ·  1 teaspoon 
  • sheets phyllo pastry, thawed  ·  2 
  • 6 oz salmon fillets, skin off  ·  4 
  • egg, slightly beaten, for brushing  ·  1 
  • butter, melted  ·  1 tablespoon 


Purchased phyllo pastry is used here instead of a regular pie crust, it's quick and easy to use. 

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Combine the dill, sour cream, mustard, horseradish, capers, lemon rind, salt and pepper and set aside.

Add the melted butter to the egg and mix together.

Cut each pastry sheet into quarters. 

Place a teaspoon of the dill mixture on 4 pieces of the pastry.

Place salmon piece on top of the mixture and top salmon with the remaining dill mixture. 

Top with remaining pastry and press edges to seal or fold into a wrap like a burrito.

Place on baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper or foil and brush the outside of phyllo dough with the egg and butter so it will get crispy.

Bake for 20 minutes or until pastry is puffed and golden. 

Garnish with a wedge of lemon and serve with green salad.

Beware, the salmon will be hot, baked in its shell, so be sure to let it cool before biting into it.

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