Mexican Chocolate  Almond Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Almond Cookies

Not your average milk-and-cookies pairing, this one is sure to impress. The rich, spicy chocolate begs for dipping, and the sweet, nutty flavors of the cookie and the aromatics of the salt pop the senses.


  • Flour  ·  2 1/4 cup 
  • Almond Flour  ·  3/4 cup 
  • Cocoa Powder  ·  3/4 cup 
  • Baking Soda  ·  1 teaspoon 
  • Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt  ·  1 teaspoon 
  • Herbies Cinnamon  ·  2 teaspoons 
  • Herbie's Pasilla Chili Powder  ·  3 teaspoons 
  • Unsalted Butter, softened  ·  2 1/2 stick 
  • Granulated Sugar  ·  1 cup 
  • Brown Sugar, packed  ·  1 cup 
  • Egg  ·  1 
  • Vanilla Extract  ·  1 tablespoon 
  • Mexican Chocolate, coarsely chopped  ·  2 cups 
  • For Topping:  ·   
  • Maldon Salt  ·  2 tablespoons 
  • Herbie's Pasilla Chili Powder  ·  1 teaspoon 


Preheat the oven to 350°F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

Mix together the Maldon sea salt and Herbie's Pasilla Chili Powder and set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the flour, almond meal, cocoa powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and papilla chili powder.

In the bowl of a mixer, cream the butter with both sugars and the vanilla. Once its fluffy and light in color, add the egg and mix until smooth. Add the dry ingredients, and mix on low until just combined (don't over mix or the cookies will be tough). Then fold in the Mexican chocolate.

Use a tablespoon or a 1 1/4 inch ice cream scoop, shape the dough onto the parchment-lined baking sheets. Press each one down gently with the palm of your hand. The balls of dough should be at least 2 inches apart, about 12 per sheet. Bake just until they're spread and are solidified, about 10 minutes.

The cookies will look done along the edges and slightly under baked in the center. They will finish cooking as they cool and end up with a lovely cake-like center. Sprinkle on the Maldon and Pasilla chili mixture on top of the cookies. Let them cool for about 15 minutes on the baking sheet.