Yellow Chili Crushed

Yellow Chili Crushed

This hot, hand crushed chili from the Himalayas is popular with cooks from the northern parts of India.

The bright yellow color, sweet aroma and intense heat makes it a must use addition to food for chili lovers.

Usage Suggestions

Crushed Yellow Chili is rather new to American markets and the fruitiness and heat levels have caused it to be used in quirky ways. Often added to banana bread or mixed with honey to glaze a ham.

Yellow chilies are extensively used in recipes of stuffed chili and in preparation of dips and sauces. It is also used in making pickles, soups, sauces, stews and in casseroles.

t makes for a unique substitute for mustard powder so use in American dishes wherever you might use mustard but only use half the quantity.


Aji, Red Pepper, yellow pepper.


Yellow peppers are widely used in Indian households as spices to provide lush color, distinctive mellow flavor and piquancy to dishes. The yellow variety of chili is mainly grown in the regions of Punjab and South Kashmir.

Yellow chili powder is extensively used in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Yellow chili peppers have a smooth texture and will spice up any meal. These peppers offer a sweet peppery flavor and a heat comparable to Tabasco and Cayenne.

Health Benefits

Yellow chilies contain many chemical compounds, derived from plants, that strengthen the human immune system. Yellow chilly has anti-bacterial, analgesic and anti-diabetic properties. It has also been proven that chilies reduce cholesterol level in patients of obesity. Yellow chilies are a good source of vitamin C.

Other Common Names

Pili Mirch

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