Used WW Wine Barrel


Four used Williamson Wines Oak Barrels

At Williamson Wines we add about 400 Bordeaux barrels and 100 Burgundy barrels each year and take about 300 older ones off-line for other use. You can acquire two or more at a fraction of their original price.

The oak in our barrels comes from one of three forests in central France. Planted by order of Napoleon to ensure these unique French Oak forests survived.

Each tree is between 200 to 300 years old when it is selected and cut. After three to five years of air drying the oak is formed into a barrel by a master cooper. The barrel is toasted internally and sealed for shipment to us here in California where we use them for three vintages.

We maintain our barrels indoors in our barrel cellar, regularly cleaned by high pressure hot water and kept free of any bacteria or mold. They are ready for use in winemaking, beer or whisky ageing, as wine cellar decorations or furniture.

PLEASE NOTE: The price includes four (4) barrels which will generally fit in a standard pickup truck like a Ford F-150. We do not ship barrels, you must be willing to come pick them up or have a third party shipping company collect them from the winery.

For pricing on orders of 100 or more barrels please contact us on 707-433-1500

DETAILS: A typical French oak barrel weighs roughly 90 pounds when empty. Full of juice, they weigh approximately 600 pounds. Each barrel holds 225 liters or 60 US gallons, enough to make 25 cases or 300 bottles of wine.