Truf 3 Latti

Truf 3 Latti

A soft, creamy, three-milk cheese lightly seasoned with black truffles.

The Italian name Truf 3 Latti translates to Truf 3 Milk since the cheese is made with pasteurized cow's milk, pasteurized sheep's milk, pasteurized goat's milk, and lightly seasoned with black truffle pieces. The paste is soft, without holes and is covered with edible rind ranging from white to pale yellow in color.

The flavor combines the richness of cows’ milk with the sweetness of sheep’s milk. The goats’ milk lends the slightest hint of a certain piquancy, more understated than pure cows’ milk cheese, luscious and absolutely delicious.

Although rarely seen in this country, making cheese from mixed milk is a common practice in Italy, where small -scale farmers pool the milk from all their livestock, usually cows, goats and ewes. This allows them to make cheese all year round, without having to stop when the animals are resting before the birth of their calves, kids or lambs.

Made by Caseificio dell’Alta Langa, a dairy in Piedmont famous for its delicious mixed milk cheeses such as Robiola and La Tur as well as its black truffles that we also use in our Truffle Salt.

Located in the northern Italian area of Bosia, between Alba and Cortemilia, Alta Langa refers to the High Langa Piemontese area of rural farmland and forest perfect for grazing dairy animals and growing black truffles.

This Truf 3 Latti is a delicious pairing with our Passion and Rapture Pinot Noir and with some of our softer Bordeaux blends such as Allure or Cherish.

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