Strawberry Gum

Eucalyptus olida


Strawberry gum is a native Australian plant, has a wide variety of uses and these are often best achieved by thinking of it is a flavor enhancer rather than expecting it to come out and overtly flavor a dish with its own character. 

Strawberry gum is used to enhance the flavor of cooked fruit dishes, desserts or spiced jams, bringing out the classic ‘berry’ flavor. Due to the high presence of essential oils within the leaf, a strong berry flavor and aroma is released once the dried leaves are milled.


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Usage Suggestions

Add only a small amount, say ¼ – ½ tsp to 500g of fruit or vegetables, then taste before adding more.

Only use olida in recipes that cook for a short time, never subjecting it to extreme temperatures for more than 10–15 minutes.

Although olida’s own flavor will be diminished in a fruit jam, it will enhance its fruit and berry flavors.


Strawberry Gum (Olida) - Eucalyptus olida, is a medium-sized tree restricted to the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. Flowers are cream colored and are followed by small woody capsules. The glossy green leaves are intensely aromatic. Eucalyptus olida is classified as a threatened species in the wild, but is becoming more common in cultivation due to its essential oil and spice qualities. The leaf of Eucalyptus olida is distilled for its crystal-like essential oils used in flavoring and perfumes.

Other Common Names

Strawberry Gum, Forest Berry Herb, Olida.

Health Benefits

Strawberry Gum is thought to be a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals that cause wear and tear on the tissues and cells. Antioxidants help to neutralize carcinogens, may soothe inflammation, and slow the aging process.

Botanical Name Eucalyptus olida
Common Names Strawberry Gum, Forest Berry Herb, Olida
Flavor passionfruit-like taste
Application flavor enhancer for fruits and vegetables