Sriracha Gouda

United States

A beautiful cheese with all the creaminess of a classic Dutch-style Gouda with a sweet-hot kick.

This innovative new cheese merges the mellow and mild flavor of Dutch-style Gouda with spicy, tangy-sweet and savory Sriracha spices.

Made with fresh milk from local Wisconsin dairy farms and cured for at least 30 days in Wisconsin aging cellars. Before the curing process, Sriracha Gouda wheels are speckled with red pepper flakes and hand painted, recognizable by its striking bright red hue and chili-flecked rind.

Gouda is infused with Sriracha spice mix that’s bold enough to make an impact, but the heat mellows quickly and doesn’t overpower the creamy, buttery young Gouda flavors. It’s a perfect balance of flavor and a beautiful presentation.

Perfect for topping chili, tomato soup, tacos, nachos and more.


Country United States