Spice Notes & Recipes

Spice Notes and Recipes is the master work from Australia’s premier spice expert, Ian (Herbie) Hemphill.

A worthwhile addition to any kitchen library, Ian "Herbie" Hemphill's definitive guide to spices also contains copious details on every imaginable spice - from ajowan to zedoary - you'll find recipes and tips on growing, drying, storing and blending your own spices.

Building on the success of the award winning Spice Notes, this new edition includes an additional 60 recipes for today’s cook by Ian’s daughter, Kate Hemphill, and a detailed breakdown of how various spices blend together to create the ethnic cuisines that now dominate many kitchens.

Spice Notes and Recipes is not only the definitive guide to culinary herbs and spices, but also a tantalizing tour of the cultures that have been formed by the influences of the ancient spice trade. It is a classic for every kitchen.