Sovereign Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Magnum)

Sovereign Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 (Magnum)

Sovereign happens if you do everything right and God helps and then you could be one of the few people in the entire world that will ever have the opportunity to enjoy it!

We would normally suggest decanting the wine before serving, allowing it to breathe for the about one hour, however, the magnum size bottle will allow breathing once the first glass has been poured, so if you would like to display this magnificent bottle on your table, it should work fine without decanting.

Enjoy your Sovereign Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have the time we would like to read your email opinion of the wine and its ability to be a fine food companion since

Tasting Notes

Structured but with its own soft character then suddenly the rising tannin in the mid-palate, this wine is simply exquisite.

Production Notes

The bottle is a Trezzano Bordeaux style magnum designed by Bruni Glass of Milan, Italy. The details have been etched into the glass and highlighted in cherry red and white enamel. The WILLIAMSON WINES name has been etched and highlighted with actual gold. To crown this special package, the neck was dipped in cherry red wax. All of this work was performed in the hands of expert craftsmen as is fitting of such a handcrafted wine. The bottles were sparged with nitrogen and then filled by hand. The corks were fitted individually by hand - a process that insures each bottle is filled and sealed correctly. However, this step often results in a little wine being spilled on the cork, so if you remove the wax cap and see wine stain on the top of the cork, don’t worry, the cork is not leaking.

Winemaker Notes

A Cabernet blend from the best of the 2013 harvest, this glorious wine languished in French Oak for 42 months where it became integrated and refined. The additional barrel time provided a level of maturation somewhat like ten years in a bottle. For this reason the Sovereign can be enjoyed almost immediately, but if you would like to age the wine it will continue to improve for the next several years to come.

Cooperage Notes

French Oak barrels for 42 months, first 22 months in new then 22 in neutral.

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StyleRed Bordeaux
AppellationDry Creek Valley
VarietalCabernet Sauvignon
PairingBlue Cheese and Honey
Drinkable2010 - 2017