Rainbow Peppercorn Chèvre

United States

Rainbow Peppercorn Chèvre is a pasteurized fresh goat cheese produced from three simple ingredients: California grade A goat milk, vegetable rennet and sea salt and in this case a forth - a perfect tang of peppercorns to play off the smooth Chèvre.

This goat milk cheese is absolutely delicious. The slight spice of the peppercorns gives the mild taste of the goat cheese a nice tangy flavor

While cow’s milk and goat’s milk share many nutritional benefits, goat’s milk is naturally higher in protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A. It is also lower in sugar and contains more of the essential fatty acids that are easily digested by intestinal enzymes. With ten percent less lactose (milk sugar), smaller fat globules, and a chemical similarity to breast milk, goat’s milk is also much friendlier to sensitive digestive systems.

This Chèvre spreads beautifully on a cracker, shines on a sandwich and is to die for baked into a cozy casserole. Crumble into a salad.

Spreadable so you can just eat it for breakfast on a nice roll or croissant or on a warm bagel and is perfect combined with a frittata for a breakfast or brunch dish.

Make a quick Chèvre tart and serve with salad for an easy and healthy lunch.

Amy Wend and a partner set out to create a unique lifestyle in wine country. They began by cultivating organic gardens and selling the fresh produce at local farmers’ markets. Amy began acquiring a small herd of goats, one of whom was Emily, who is featured on the cheese labels. Christened Skyhill Napa Valley Farms the fresh goat cheese is now available through the Williamson Wine & Cheese Club.

Milk Goat
Texture Semi-Soft
Country United States

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