Robiola Rocchetta


Robiola Rocchetta comes from the Piedmont region of Italy. It is a lovely and creamy cheese combining the flavors of goat, cow and sheep milk into a harmonious balance of flavor.

Dense, semi-soft and smooth in texture, Robiola Rocchetta is a very approachable cheese of exquisite quality. The white, mottled bloomy rind is soft and edible. The paste is very creamy, with a sour-cream like tanginess. The flavor can be mild or robust. The texture ranges from fluffy and chalky to almost runny.

Robiola Rocchetta is divine spread onto bread and equally delicious added to pizza.

Suggested Wine Pairings

  • Amour Merlot
  • Caress Cuvee Blanc
Milk Combination
Texture Semi-Soft
Country Italy
Fat 30%

Amour Merlot

Amour Merlot

Amour is a limited production single-varietal Merlot wine from our Estate vineyard.