YBE-Reserve Wine Tasting


Reserve Wines Tasting at Yoakim Bridge Estate featuring the best of our Napa and Sonoma fruit to make wines blended to match seven famous Bordeaux First Growth - Exceptional wines and plenty of palate pleasing food.

This is an experience designed for lovers of fine wine. An excellent opportunity to evaluate our famous Bordeaux First Growth Meritage style wines, favoring bright fruit, complexity and vineyard character, with a hint of the covert opulence you would expect from such great wines.


  • All tastings are seated and include wine and food service
  • Be sure to advise your server of any allergies or food preferences
  • Allow about two hours for your tasting
  • Reservations are cancelled for guests over 30 minutes late
  • Please do not bring any outside food or drink
  • Fees are non-refundable
  • Uber or Lyft are generally unreliable in this area so our concierge can have our limo pick you up and return you to your hotel. Arrive in style and on-time. Enjoy a leisurely lunch with an abundance of great wines and be safely returned home in the comfort of our limo. Stay safe - please don't drink and drive on our wine country roads.

Reserve a Tasting On-Line

  • Click on "Add to Cart" and make quantity equal the number of attendees.
  • Use "Leave Comment" option to advise preferred date of lunch tasting.


Pricing is $145 per guest and tax will be added. Additionally you may tip your server directly on the evening to reward them for exceeding your service expectations. Naturally our servers really appreciate any additional generosity that you extend them.

You may also simply direct us to increase the gratuity by a percentage or a fixed dollar amount which will then appear on your credit card receipt for your business or tax reporting purposes.

Williamson Wines is not affiliated with any of the French First Growth Châteaux. While in some cases the flavor profiles and component formula may appear very similar to some of the greatest wines of France, our wines are solely the work of Williamson Wines and represent our homage to the French masters. Williamson Wines make separate and distinct wines and should not be construed to represent any other winery or their wines.