Quadrello di Bufala

Quadrello di Bufala

What's a soft, creamy, washed-rind cheese like Muenster or Taleggio but with a less intense odor and a deeper milky taste? That would be Quadrello di Bufala, a buffalo milk cheese from Quattro Portoni, a cheese dairy situated in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy.

What started as a cattle farm in 1968 was transformed into a buffalo farm in 2006 by brothers Bruno and Alfio Gritti, the original owner's sons. The brothers spent roughly six years transitioning from dairy breeds to focus solely on buffalo, turning this exceptionally rich milk into varieties of exceptional cheeses.

Made from the pasteurized milk, Quadrello di Bufala ("buffalo-milk square") has a soft external blush, like a pale rosé wine, and comes in mold-encrusted squares. These healthy colonies of white, gray and golden molds are just a sign that the cheese is alive, breathing and maturing. The molds do not penetrate the semisoft interior, which is ivory in color and dotted with pinhead-size eyes.

Those who love Taleggio will have a field day tasting this sweeter, milkier, rustic alternative and people who are put off by the stinky washed-rind taste of Taleggio will definitely appreciate and prefer the milder aroma of Quadrello while the distinctly gentle and sweet taste can be attributed to the buffalo milk.

Take a moment to appreciate this cheese's seductive aroma, a merging of cave and mushroom scents with the frank fermentation smell of cultured milk. On the tongue, it is supple, creamy and coating.

The flavor is rich and slightly sweet with plentiful salt and a vigorous tang. In Quadrello you will find a compelling fragrance, a pleasing texture, flavor balance and a long finish especially when paired with our Williamson Amour Merlot.  Featured in February, 2012 Cheese Club Paired with Williamson Amour MERLOT.

Sorry, this cheese is only available via special order