Pierce Point

United States

Artisan cheese makers believe as firmly as winemakers do in the influence of terroir on their product. The local grasses that nourish the cows and the local flora that make their way into the dairy give many cheeses the taste of their place.

Cheesemaker Maureen Cunnie, who manages to turn a vat of milk into consistent, flavorful and memorable cheeses every time, has done it again with her Pierce Point.  This is a seasonal cheese, made in the fall from organic whole milk, washed in white wine then rolled in dried herbs.

Covered with field flowers, calendula, chamomile and Thai basil, the result is a delicious cheese, semi-firm, creamy and complex yet never overpowering, a brilliant companion to our Joy Sauvignon Blanc.

Pierce Point is not dominated by the herbs but is enhanced by them instead. The herbs act as a savory counterpoint to the almost-sweet qualities in the cheese owing to the rich milk and the skills of the cheesemaker.

A young Pierce Point is herbaceous and firm with mild buttery notes. A more mature Pierce Point becomes softer and creamier, and its buttery notes are more pronounced. It is a cheese that goes particularly well on a cheese tray as it is not only flavorful, but it also looks beautiful too.

The wheels leave the dairy at two weeks and peak in ripeness at around six weeks.  Our direct shipping method means you receive this beautiful cheese in time to watch it ripen.  When ripe the cheese will give a little when pressed, and may have some beneficial brown mold around the herbs.

Under the rind, which you may cut away, you will find a semisoft ivory interior with a few small eyes. Not surprisingly, the coating imparts an herbaceous aroma, with earthy and nutty notes underneath. The texture is creamy and the salt just right.   Enjoy with a chilled bottle of Joy Sauvignon Blanc.

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Milk Cow
Texture Semi-Firm
Country United States
Pronunciation Pierce Point

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