Piave Vecchio


Often likened to the king of Italian cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Piave is a deliciously nutty, pasteurized cow's milk cheese from the Veneto in northern Italy.

Piave’s flavor is reminiscent of fragrant fruit and nuts together. The flavor is intense, sweet with a tropical fruity flavor underlined by an almond bitterness.

It is a flaky hard, grainy cheese with a dense texture and no holes. It has a concentrated sweet, crystalline paste with a full, tropical fruit flavor and slight almond bitterness.

Piave has a texture that works well for grating but it is equally good as a complement to any cheese plate or shaved over a salad of bitter greens, or enjoyed with an aperitif.

Produced in the northeastern region of the Veneto at the Lattebusche dairy cooperative in the Piave River Valley in the Dolomite mountain range of the Italian Alps, Piave is made using a combination of two milkings, the evening and the following morning, from cows which graze on fresh plants in the mountain pastures.

Aged in temperature and humidity controlled cellars where they are regularly turned, brushed and scraped, Piave can be eaten at the age of 6 months or aged up to a year or more as the cheese gains character as it matures.

Pleasing for cheese connoisseurs and novices alike, Piave Vecchio is a perfect choice for a cheese plate. Its unique nuttiness lingers in the mouth and pairs beautifully with red wine.

Milk Cow
Texture Firm
Country Italy
Fat 35%

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